E-Access service is affiliated with Genpark global services in presenting this training in form of e-books and videos to reach a larger audience for people  who could not make it to the training.

It is  your turn to get IT knowledge. It is very simple to learn because we have made it easier for you. The lectures on the videos are  for both beginners and professionals, even if you don't know anything about programming with this training you can still do well, There allots of exercises and examples to follow through.

After registration you are entitled to the e-books, software,  videos, exercise projects  and online assistance.

You can register for all the courses and you can also register for one course at a time. You can register with us and follow others to testify about our training. We discovered that many people pay huge amount of money to learn few of these programs but here we are going to teach you all the package.

Our videos contain proper demonstrations and some examination for the student. Within 3 months you will become a programmer and a computer technician at the same time, Don't hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity because its only for a limited time only.

To order for your own full package, pay the sum of #2500 to our bank account.

Account name: ebookconnect access service

Account number: 0217887442

After making payments or transfer, kindly send your name, emails and  phone numbers  to or to  +2349029557642

After payment confirmation your  full ICT materials will be send to you via your email address.