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We are here to get basic training  across to the world. We conduct training round Nigeria and Ghana in partnership with AMA PLUS and Genpark global services, Our training are repackaged into e-books and videos to reach larger  audience. We have successfully covered most parts of Nigeria and Ghana, we also intend to create more training programs in the nearest future..

“ The basic questions usually asked by people ”

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Henry fredrick obi is the CEO of ebookconnect access. He is a writer, programmer,software developer and a professional marketer. His Internet marketing skills has helped empowered other individuals in Nigeria,Ghana and beyond. He started ebookconnect access 2010 after he had undergone some training  from Jeff  Benzos (founder of amazon.com) but ebookconnect access service officially kicked off  in 2014 after completing his training from Jeff benzos online academy. He has empowered so many through the platform using e-books, tutorials manuals, training guides and you tube videos.

He was fascinated about programming and networking when he was still in high school, now he is a complete computer programmer and software developer he also creates mobile app for interested client and he is a well known online marketer..

He has a reputation online as a writer and as an online marketer. For this reason he helps market some of the world greatest writer’s e-book and training on his website. The e-books on this sites are not ordinary, they contain ideas, procedures, skills and training's that can help you start something meaningful in life. The e-books has helped solve so many people’s problem.

Henry fredrick obi first started as a motivational speaker, visiting high schools, higher institutions and NGOs. He later decided to put all his works online to reach larger audience, that was how ebookconnect access service was initiated.

Ebookconnect access organizes seminars/training on monthly basis, which has being used to demonstrates all the ideas on our e-books properly.

He love sharing his knowledge, ideas, and love inspiring others.


Its never too late to start something meaningful for yourself. Each time we wait for the government to provide jobs when we are fully aware that the government can never provide jobs for everybody, Some wise people have to provide jobs for themselves. Bill Clinton once said “don’t think of what your country can do for you, think of what you can do for your country” that’s why the united state is one of the best country in the world.

Another speaker also said “its difficult, its stressful but its possible so do it” you definitely can do anything you want to do, it all depend on you.

On a final note nothing good comes easy, all the rich and great men out there started from somewhere. So I strongly advice you start up something with ebookconnect access, get the ideas, get the skills, master them and get access to your regular income. you definitely will not regret it.